First post!

first post!! And it was a wonderful day fit for blogging about. I did some push-in interventions with my 6th grade class that went swimmingly and had a delicious lunch from the deli. Actualy, it turns out the deli guys have a sense of humor. Ty and I were making our orders completely ridiculous and the guy said, “How about peanut butter and jelly?,” and Ty yells out, “Yea sure, for his!,” and I seconded it as a joke. Then I got back to our office and found jelly in my roast beef sub. So yea. Luckily it turns out jelly is delicious on roast beef.
Aside from that I got some great hugs from some cute kids and got to do my favorite thing in the world: Bringing Books to Life!!&%*#$# If I lived another 23049283443023 years I would want to BBL on every one of them. We read The Ugly Duckling, there was laughing, there was crying, there was duck-making, and then my BBL team rode off into the sun….

Yours in service,
Jacob Rotundo, P.S.133 Bain & Company Team