P.S. 75 Hunt’s Point South Bronx

It’s my first time so here goes my blog.

Today my day consisted of morning meeting and participating in the CYNY Carol skit. I didn’t embarrass myself so I think it went pretty well. We rushed back to our school and I did some Great Leaps and BBL. BBL always surprises me, I am always shocked that our kids can actually recall things from our lessons. I don’t know, I still can’t believe that I’m actually teaching others. It’s weird to have that sort of influence.

PSC or lunch clubs were a little more difficult. We had 3 corps members plus our service leader missing today so it was a little hectic. I just know that working with the student I have now are difficult enough w/o adding on another 20 bunch of students whose names I don’t know. Sometimes I really don’t feel like my Art PSC is doing very much for my students, since I have know nothing about art nor do I any resources to create anything that would enrich their lives. For this past month all I’ve had access to as far as “art resources” are crayons and construction paper. I’m solely responsible for this club. So I’ve been going insane and feeling immensely guilty for my sub-par “art club”. I even elicited the help of my friends who are art majors and they came up with fantastic ideas that are just not feasible. I want to expose them to real art. Not crafts! I really don’t know. These kids already getting gypped in every part of their education just because they come from the South Bronx.(Please excuse my derogatory use of the word gypped, but honestly I can’t think of anything else to put.) So I feel so lame! I know I’m trying my hardest so that all I can really do. I know that I’ll take time during the break to figure out something but till holiday break I just keep going in there and faking it. Honestly, it’s better than nothing, but why is there nothing else?

Oh and another thing happened today during BBL. I have this one third grader in my club who definitely has behavioral issues and drives me half insane. Today he wrote the one of the things he’s excited about in school every day is coming to my club. He says he really like doing all the cool stuff we do like drawing our body parts and stuff. So yeah, he thinks it’s cool. All I can think is thank God!

Yours in service,


P.S. 75 Hunt’s Point, South Bronx