"I’m going to Path Mark"

Happy New Years! My team and I are back at out school at P.S. 75 and the programs are in the full swing of things. The students welcomed us back with open arms. Our after leadership school program, Starfish, kicked off our third unit entitled “needs vs. wants.” It’s amazing how perceptive students can be. A majority of them fully grasped the difference between a need and a want, for example the students were given an allotted amount of play money in which they had to pay their bills and go to a mall. My teammates and I were the “stores” and tried to lure them to spend their money on stuff instead of paying for their rent. I was trying hustle them to buy a PS3 and one of the Starfish flat out rejected me and said, “I don’t need that. I need food. I’m going to Path Mark.” It’s really great funny. The students are so perceptive that it gives me hope that these kids will turn out well. And after the lesson a couple of them came up after and thanked us. That’s the best because nothing feels better than when a student comes thanking you for spending time with them. Wish you all the best in the new year!

Yours in service,

P.S. 75 Hunt’s Point, South Bronx