Young Heroes_ HTA

The Young Heroes teams have been working our butts off to prepare for the Young Heroes Saturdays. Today was our Young Heroes Training Academy. This was the first day that our work and planning was put to the test and scrutiny of 80 middle school students and their teams leaders. Young Heroes is like a miniature City Year. When we do PT, unity rally, leadership development, ride the pony; Its fun to pretend like Jewan. We had to train the Heroes hard but, everything went well today. The students are happy and excited. They are fully trained and well versed in Young Heroes “culture.” I am proud of my team and thankful for the help that we got when we hit potholes (we ran out of food and had to improvise with PB&J’s courtesy of Catherine and Dan.)
I foresee a need for volunteers as our full service days get underway.

~ We improvised well.
~ We made Peace with the janitor.
~ We made butter.
~ A Hero Grandmother brought Terrance delicious fried chicken and dirty rice with Okra.
~ We have exquisite internal and external team leaders.
~ The Heroes had awesome attitudes through out the day and left excited for MLK Day and the super fun service we will be doing.
~ YAY!

Isabella Scott
Service Coordinator
Young Heroes- East Harlem