Young Heroes- MLK

A highlight of Young Heroes opening day and MLK DAY was being able to watch all of our East Harlem- Young Heroes on the news.
One Hero, Joanan, asked me over and over and over
“can I meet the mayor? can I meet a famous person? can I be on TV?”
and I kept saying “we’ll see, we’ll see”
When the mayor got up on stage to speak Joanan looked on in awe and made it clear to everyone in front of him that they could not get in his way.
Joanan did not get to meet the mayor but he did get pulled aside for a TV interview.
To my surprise, I saw Joanan in an “I love New York” t-shirt on the news covered in paint and beaming.
I think that the opening day was a fun thing for all of the Young Heroes.
They got down and dirty and participated in an awesome service project.
I know that they are all looking forward to the rest of the Spring.

-Isabella, Young Heroes East Harlem