The City Year team at P.S. 57 is continuing to inspire children to love reading through our “Bringing Books to Life” Program. Today for our lesson, Cherisse, Leah and I read to second graders about dinosaurs. The children all seemed very engaged and excited about the topic, and their eyes lit up almost every time we turned the page.
For our activity afterwards, we gave each student paper bags and crayons which they used to create their own dinosaur puppets! Many kids chose to make tyrannosaurus-rexes, but there were some other ones including brontosaurs, triceratops and raptors. When they were finished creating their puppets, had the opportunity to talk about their dinosaurs and act out their own scenes behind the stage we created. It was very fun and amusing to watch, and I was most excited to hear some students use big words we discussed such as “carnivore and herbivore”. Overall the lesson went great and the teacher Ms. Arons loved it. Once again thank you for your continued support.

Yours in Service,

Rick Wolfsdorf