The East Harlem- Young Heroes team is in full gear. We have recruited over 90 middle school students from all over the city to join us for our weekly service-learning Saturday program.
We have explored social justice issues such as animal cruelty, health and wellness, and gender roles. On animal cruelty day, the students built and decorated over 25 wooden blue bird boxes and went to the animal care and control facility in East Harlem.
We kicked off our parent advisory board on health and wellness day. It was so inspiring to meet so many engaged and helpful parents, who are just as excited about our program as the students are.
After the morning curriculum on gender roles day, the students took a trip to and made Valentines Day cards for the clients of the Antiviolence Project. They also hung their bird houses in three local green thumb gardens.
We are having a lot of fun continuing to plan and realize our Young Heroes program.
MS 45 has been so accommodating to us and they continue to open new doors for our program.
As spring approaches, we look forward to engaging in more outside service projects.
We are always looking for Saturday volunteers. There is an open invitation for anyone who is interested.