Lunch Mentoring Program at P.S. 111

Hola, My name is Jovanna Lopez, I am from San Antonio, Texas and I am currently serving at P.S. 111 in Long Island City/Queensbridge. I am the D-Comm rep for my team, so you will be hearing from me on behalf of my team.
We just launched a new Lunch “mentoring” program for the children along with their Lunch Clubs. I was not a huge fan of the mentoring program when we began due to the fact that the kids were so hard to maintain during the lunch clubs. So, naturally i saw this to be a failure when it was initially introduced. I thought “These kids are not even going to care or notice us in the auditorium during their free time.” Boy!!!!! was i wrong! They absolutely love the fact that we spend that extra free time with them. We chat, dance, play games and run around the gym with them. I have established so many new relationships with children i never get to interact with normally. I work with a 4th grade class everyday and only them. So, its actually a joy to meet some new students from the school. Anyhow, i just wanted to update you guys on what goes on in our neck of the woods. Talk to you soon. Sincerely, Jovanna