Physical service… in our own office?

All right, all right. I love being on NYCE and planning physical service days. I really do. I just never thought that we’d be doing any physical service in the CYNY office! And by “service,” I mean making sense of the tool closets and corps space (affectionately known as the MLK Space), and believe me, there was a lot to make sense of.

In the midst of MLK Day, our tools ended up all over the place. We were somewhat frantically pulling tools for last-minute project adjustments, and after it all, latex paints cans were mixed up with oil-based paint cans, hammers were in the tape crate, pencils were with detail brushes, and paper towels and garbage bags were CYNY decor. It was tool madness. With that said, NYCE has spent a large amount of time organizing everything for future physical service days and events taking place in the office (Recruitment open houses, office tours, and our Board Invitational). As a team, we:
a) created a Recruitment tracker for CYNY on a main wall in the office,
b) completely emptied out one of our tool closet rooms (for safety reasons),
c) created a make-shift tool closet in the MLK Space using bookshelves and curtains, and
d) organized every single tool and paint can.

Fortunately, NYCE knows how to have fun with a (usually) boring task like cleaning and organizing, and we had a great time! There are many pictures of our team throughout the last five months doing “physical service in the office” and giving the staff a laugh in the process. In the end, I had a lot of fun with my team, and the CYNY office looks so great! People on our staff said that they’ve never seen the MLK Space and the tool closet look so good, and the Recruitment Department loves their “Summit of Service” tracker!

Physical service in the office. Whoda thunk? But in order to effectively engage external guests and maintain an organized work space, it probably helps to have a presentable office!