Fast Times at CYNY

Good morning! Now, let’s be honest. There are people who work hard, and then there are the people who work harder: the people at City Year. I am truly a firm believer in the mission of City Year, and I am always amazed at the calibur and dedication that my colleagues and advisors have for the national service movement. It is important to do what you are passionate about, and I witness the act of that here at City Year New York. At this point in the year, things are crazy! After our winter break, we jumped right in on MLK Day, and without a break, we pushed ahead with planning Camp City Year (which was already happening simultaneously with MLK Day) . I am sitting here this morning working on Camp stuff and other Civic Engagement things, and looking around me, I’m seeing so many other corps members diligently working on Young Heroes and Camp CY tasks. And everyone is still in such a great mood! I love it! Things are happening so quickly, but I’m having a wonderful corps experience!

Call it corny, call it mushy, call it whatever you want. I just had to post a blog about how the people here at City Year inspire me every day. This office is a living example of passion and “putting idealism to work,” and I have a great deal of respect for everyone here.

And Happy Valentine’s Day! (Maybe that’s why I’m overcome with such adoration for City Year New York this morning…?)

In service,
Lindsay Sablan