A tad late

Hey all!

I am posting this for February which has literally flown right by. I have to say it was a busy month for camp staff trying to get things together to make camp a huge success which it was. After months at staying at the office later then the rest of the corps, all our hard work finally paid off. Even though I did not do camp at my school, P.S. 48 it was a breath of fresh air to serve at P.S. 50 in Harlem. My operations manager and program director, Chris and Jarel were amazing in leading the rest of the corps which is why we were able to enjoy our week. I also had the opportunity to see all the lessons I had made come to life. What made the week fun was hanging with a group of third grade boys, who I helped with preparing an activity for the talent show. Even though I was serving at P.S. 50 for the week, at my site school P.S. 48, Annie, the operations manager and also my teammate, planned an amazing service day for the kids in Hunt’s Point. They created a collage of the world with positive ideas of what they would like changed in the world. They also made a bouquet of flowers from tissue paper and construction paper with a card to be given to the elderly in nursing homes. We are planting the seeds of service for kids at a young age which is wonderful to see. March is here and there will only be more things to tell which I am looking forward to.

Yours in Sevice,