PS 112 Updates

Hello from Tiffany in P.S. 112! Time has seemed to just fly by for us City Year corps members, and looking ahead on our calendars, the future months don’t look to be slowing down at all. The kids are really focused on state-wide math testing right now, but that has not stopped City Year from running our normal programming. The Bringing Books to Life program has been teaching about Science, and through giant interactive murals, all of the students have been learning about biomes around the world and natural habitats. It is so much fun to take a “field trip” to all these places around the classrooms! Starfish has been going wonderful as always. The students recently completed a service day in where each grade made toys and wrote letters to sick kids in a Visiting Nurses program. They all had fun making the toys, but they were also fully aware of what a difference they were going to make with the kids. Later on this month will be City Year’s movie night at P.S. 112. The pajama party read-aloud went so well, so now we get to have a movie night! It should be so much fun! So things in Long Island City, Queens PS 112 are going wonderfully as always.

Yours in Service, Tiffany