Yo-Ho-Ho, a pirate’s life for me…

The entire New York Corps just finished putting on Camp City Year 2007, a week-long camp engaging youths from three different communities in the city. And lucky for me, as I’ve always thought they are the coolest ethnicity, it was pirate themed.
I led a group of seven third graders on a treasure-finding, eye-patch-wearing, plunder-undering week of pirate savagery, consisting mostly of fun, games, and snacks and fieldtrips Best part of all, however, was that I got to dowse myself in pirate regalia and talk in a crude pirate accent all week. The kids loved it, even my class, which was one full of children who normally don’t give a second thought to anything that happens in school and have been subjugated to a classroom in their school for “problem children.”
The weekend after camp finished my roommates and I decided to throw a pirate party at our apartment using all of the leftover pirate decorations, of which there were mountains of, tattered and forgotten construction paper cutouts that we would now resurrect to serve in creating true pirate ambiance! But alas, our toilet broke the day of the party, so we had to cancel. Can I get an ARGG? It turned out to be a good thing, for me anyway, as I ended up going salsa dancing in the heart of Harlem, complete with free lessons beforehand which I badly needed. I’m planning on hitting the same joint at least once a week, it was a blast!

I’ve got to split for now to go in-kind some door-prizes and munchies for an upcoming event….peace.