Hey All!

I cannot believe it is already the second week in March. Time is really flying by! So far the amount of work done has eased up since we changed our lunch clubs to having the kids who want to come sign up rather than kids who have to come. Plus, now that Camp City Year is over my focus is on implementing the lessons I have created. City Year is keeping us on our toes because in April there will be 100 Hours of Power. No, it does not mean we will work for 100 hours straight one week but, rather work in shifts doing service around New York City.

This month we began our new unit in Starfish called Peace and Love. For our first lesson, we had a puppet show where different scenarios of conflict were acted out and the students then had to discuss each one. Our second lesson involved the students to learn more about courageous women who risked their lives for peace: Sojourner Truth, Mother Theresa, and Harriet Tubman. The kids were really engaged and enjoyed each lesson. I am really excited for next weeks lesson for Peace and Love since it is the one I created. This time the students will have a chance to look at famous pictures about Peace and Violence and talk about them. We will continue this unit for the next few weeks and then move onto the environment. All really exciting units coming up in these last few months. Until next time.

Yours in Service,