Starfish Story(a great one)

Hey Ya’ll,
I am so bad at keeping up with this blogger thing. Nevertheless, I have a great story about a little girl that i work with at P.S. 111. Brittney is in my fourth grade class, she reads at a 1st grade level and also had little to no basic math skills when I started tutoring her. I have been working with her for about a month now. Honestly, I wish that I had known about her sooner because I feel that I would have been able to help her way more than I already have. I work one on one with Brittney on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the hour and a half of math. When I initially began with her she couldn’t really tell you how many fingers she had on both hands without having to count them. When she did count them she always came up with 9 fingers total. This really frustrated me in a way that would make me so angry. I seriously asked myself,”How on earth did this little girl get passed so many times and no one ever bothered to care or take notice that she was not understanding what was being taught?” My teachers have said that she is borderline “Mentally Retarded”(again that is an assumption made by the teacher not a diagnosis by a doctor) but i really think that this is an excuse for lack of attention or caring for that matter. It gets me seriously worked up to even think that this little girls future has been jeopardized because someone didn’t care to take their time to work with her or even stop to see that she really was not understanding what was being taught. I guess I should get into the positive part of the story. Well it’s been a month now and Brittney understands how many fingers are on both hands. She also can do basic addition and subtraction by using her fingers and number lines. She is also understanding the concept of numbers that come before and after each other. I am so very proud of her. I just had this feeling that it was not a mental disability but just being looked over for so long. For me this is by far one of the biggest accomplishments in my life. Just the ability to teach another human being how to understand or learn something is really a phenomenal and endearing feeling. Sorry to have rambled on so much. -Jovanna
P.S. I don’t have a picture of her either but i will work on that. I promise!