I’m Back!!!


I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely spring weather.
It is hard to believe it will soon be April leaving us
only three months left in the program. It is amazing
how time is just going by. As part of our service, we
have been hard at work doing Bringing Books to Life at
P.S. 48. This month, our theme is cultural history
where we focus on great leaders and figures that have
made a contribution to our society and world. For my
BBL, as we like to call it for short, I read a book on
Mahatma Ghandi. And to gain a better understanding of
why Ghandi stood up to injustice, I had the second
graders do an exercise where they learned about
segregation. The teachers and students really enjoyed
the activity and learned more about their history.
Also, Nancy read the story of Anne Frank in which they
learned about how courageous one little girl was in
the midst of the Holocaust. Even though the content
was deep, I think they have a better understanding of
their history. Next up, 1HOP, where we will do
community service for one week. Stay tuned until next
month to find out how it went.

Yours in Service,