100 HOP

Last week I did some powerful service. OH yeah!

My service included 2 overnight shifts. On the first night I did some powerful prep work in the office. From 8pm to 7am I became a prep master. I was cutting, sketching, and painting like a madman. I’m not going to deny at around 3 am I became slightly dazed, but we continued on to complete like 8 murals for the kids’ carnival. It was fun working along side other members in City Year. It just reminds me to be thankful of my team.
The second night I served in a homeless shelter. I along with one other corps member stayed in a church rec area with a group of men. I had some nice conversation and really just enjoyed myself. Their humor about life made it was easy to forget the reason why they where there. To me they became a couple of guys just hanging out and chilling. We woke up the next morning and said our goodbyes and wished each other the best in life. It’s really hard to come away from situations like that and met people. It makes me feel a little more helpless because these were the same men I saw everyday on the train, whom I never paid any attention to. Now there is a story behind those faces for me. It makes it harder to say no. Has anyone else figured out how to do it?

Yours in service,