BBL Lesson

Bringing Books to Life lesson –
I believe that one of the best services that my team provides at PS 75 is Bringing Books to Life. We run 16 lessons a week from 1st through 4th grade. The amount of lessons that we’ve planned has been exhausting. I constantly find myself perusing through children’s book and lesson plans online in my free time; eavesdropping on other teams lessons plan and interrogating members of the corps for lesson ideas.
Back in November we ran a lesson on Helen Keller, it is one of my favorite lessons, in which we blindfolded the students down a hall and directed them into the library. There we tested the rest their senses through a series of activities. In one of the activities, I had the students cover their ears and try and listen to directions. I then started speaking to them in my native language, Tagalog, and asked them if they understood. The look on their faces were priceless, I was suddenly cool. Anyways at the conclusion of the lesson, during the debrief we went around the group and asked the students what they learned from the lesson. The students got really deep with their comments. One of them even said something along the lines of “Helen life was really hard, but she still did big things with her life. We should be more considerate of others and that I can do big things like Helen.”
The next week all the books in our library on Helen Keller were checked out.

Yours in service,
PS 75 Hunts Point