The Best Week of Service BY FAR!!!!

Hello again!

Another month has gone by leaving only a couple more months before the end of our service. Last week, City Year had the first annual 100 Hours of Power in which the entire corps and staff did continuous service throughout the week. No, did this not mean we worked 100 hours but, rather in shifts so someone was constantly working. Last week, turned out to not only be inspiring but, quite refreshing from our daily service. On Monday, we made dinner and did an Obelisk lesson for the cancer patients at the Ronald McDonald House. Dinner was scrumptious and the kids really enjoyed the lesson. Next up was delivering food to the terminally ill for an organization called In God’s Love We Deliver. We had the opportunity to travel around New York City and New Jersey to bring door-to-door service and warm smiles in pride. Last but, not least, we worked for Partnership for the Homeless. For this service, the team was split allowing Evan, Chad, and I to serve at the First Presbyterian Church on West 12th street. Not only did we give food and shelter to those in need but, we bonded more by spending the night in a church. 100 Hours of Power turned out to be my favorite service days from City Year and I hope it continues to remain a tradition. That’s all until next month!

Yours in Service,