CYNY’s First Annual 100 Hours of Power

Last week was great! City Year New York had it’s first 100 HOP event, and I think it was very successful. I still haven’t had a chance to hear stories from other corps members, but from the small bits I get here and there, it sounds like the corps had a great time doing physical service with other teams. NYCE’s 100 HOP experience consisted of: organizing furniture at Furnish a Future, volunteering at a mobile market on Staten Island with City Harvest, spending time at the Ronald McDonald House, and taking part in the Closing Day service day in Long Island City.

I think my favorite service slot was the Ronald McDonald House. We had two sort of BBL lessons focused on music and food planned for the afternoon; however, we had fewer children than anticipated. With that, we modified and shortened the activities and just left time to play with the kids. After the story-time and abridged activities, I spent the rest of my afternoon with a little girl who joined the play room after her therapy. She didn’t speak much, but we spent our time drawing, looking at the fish tank, doing a puzzle, building towers with blocks, and many other things. She brought a smile to my face, and I’d like to think that “the new girl in the red jacket” made her smile too. Her mom just left her in my care while she used the Internet in the computer room.

In the years to come, I know that CYNY will continue to develop and improve the 100 Hours of Power event!

In service,
Lindsay Sablan