Amidst the CYNY Craziness

I am amidst the CYNY craziness! There is so much going on, and yet every time we pass strangers who “see the red jackets all the time” they always observe: “You guys have so much energy and you’re doing such good things.”

Last weekend we had two amazing service days back-to-back, Timberland Earth Day and Rising Point. Timberland is one of City Year’s national sponsors. Last Friday included a lot of dirty work. Personally, I was glad that NYC finally has the weather for so much outdoor service. We painted signs, built tree guards, spray painted existing metal tree guards, planted greenery, and joined forces with the Sustainable South Bronx to build a green roof. The service was fantastic! On Saturday the corps went to Hunts Point in the South Bronx for Rising Point. Once again, the service was transformational. We rejuvenated Lions Square Park, painted large signs that we hung on a bridge, cleared out a chicken coop (INTERESTING!), and painted a park house. Talk about a powerful weekend! (The weather also happened be be an amazing 75-80 degrees.)

Young Heroes is quite busy with their Saturday planning as well as their retreat with the students next weekend. The East Harlem teams have been planning for their Community Meeting (which is in about an hour and a half). All the teams are busy with their usual tasks, and now we’re all swimming in Legacy work. Every year each team creates a Legacy binder and/or PowerPoint to pass onto the in-coming team. It takes a lot of time to compile everyone’s input and put the year in-review, as you can probably imagine. A LOT of time goes into putting together a Legacy!

It should be no surprise that CYNY is totally busy! That’s what we call normal.

In service,
Lindsay Sablan
NYCE ’06-’07

P.S. I included a picture of Diana, Marty, and me with our perfect paint station at Rising Point!