Rising Point!!!!

Spring is a great time to be outside isn’t it? About a couple Saturdays ago, my team along with the two other CY teams of Hunts Point, had a community service called the Rising Point. We engaged roughly four hundred people to come and serve the Hunts Point community. We even had some of our students and teachers from our schools join us. We painted a once-gray and dull park into a rainbow of colors and murals. We transformed an abandoned a trashed empty lot into an open space for families to picnic. There were even a chickens running wild in the lot and we built them a coop. It was definitely a lot of work but the sun was shining and everyone had a good energy about them. I left feeling both exhausted and excited about all the work that we were able to accomplish. The Monday after, when the kids came to school, a couple of them came up gushing and saying that they couldn’t wait to go and play. Oh physical service rocks!

PS 75