PS 75

As my service year comes to an end I am becoming a little more introspective of CY’s impact at PS 75. In this past year my team has volunteered over 13,000 hours, taught over 532 Bringing Books to Life lessons, and received raving evaluations from the students and staff of our school. We were able to meet and exceed our goal of setting up a successful first-year school partnership and forged relationships with children that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. One of the best lessons I’ve learned in CY comes working with my peers, that in the “real world”, not everyone has to get along but that we all should put aside our differences in order for a greater cause. My team had some difficult times, working in such a diverse setting, but in the end we really did make a difference to our students, to the teachers, with one another, and within ourselves. So in battling with injustice, for now I will hang my red jacket for a while and reflect on how to use what I’ve learned in this past year to make a greater impact on the world next time around.

Yours in service,