Nearing The End

Is graduation really just two weeks away?! I can vividly picture Registration Day and Basic Training Retreat (BTR) back in September and remember thinking how ten months seemed like such a long time. It was time that I was looking forward to but a long time, nonetheless. And now here I am… in June… two weeks away from graduation.

Once all of the physical/community service days ended last month, we found ourselves at a stand still. Physical service has consumed our lives the entire year, and then all of a sudden, BAM. They were done. Well, in NYC, at least. NYCE and a handful of other corps members had the privilege of attending a City Year Care Force trip to New Rochelle, NY, to take part in PepsiCo’s Global Community Service Week. It was, literally, a week straight of physical service! We organized three service days back-to-back, preparation and all! Over the course of the week, we engaged approximately 260 volunteers in physical service: landscaping, painting, planting, muraling, building, etc. We all had a great time despite the LONG hours (not much sleep was had on that trip!). We did amazing service and in such a short period of time. Never doubt the power of City Year and physical service! Since the Care Force trip, NYCE has been doing various projects: painting basketball courts in Astoria (Queens), posting signs in Hunts Point (the Bronx), cooking meals at God’s Love We Deliver (Manhattan), and working with the Green Apple Core!

Next week is cyzygy, City Year’s Annual Convention that brings together every City Year site in one location. It should be pretty exciting! There will be many speakers, workshops, and presentations as well as a concert and service day to conclude. From what I hear, it’s a very powerful experience, and I’m also excited to meet my fellow founding senior corps members for City Year Los Angeles ’07-’08! My corps year has been extremely fun, frustrating, successful, and trying, and I will carry many lessons with me to City Year’s newest site on the other coast this summer!

In service,
Lindsay Sablan
NYCE ’06-’07