Letter from a Young Hero

(The following is a letter from a participant in last year’s Young Heroes middle-school program. He gave City Year a much longer version of this letter at a summer Young Heroes reunion. He references “cyzygy” which is City Year’s annual national convention.)

City Year,

I have experienced so much with all of you guys, doing the Young Heroes Program and much more. I have never done anything like this in my entire life. You guys have helped me so much through this fabulous year, it was amazing. Just knowing City Year makes me think that if these people can make a difference in my community, so can I. You guys shocked me when I heard about cyzygy ’07. That was the greatest thing that ever happened. It makes my heart break that we have to leave each other like this. I miss all of you guys and I hope I will get to see all of you again next cyzygy or at Young Heroes.

So thanks City Year for all that you have done and I love all of you guys.

Young Hero