City Year is looking to shoot some hoops in Harlem

Hello New York City!

The email below is from Danielle Wolfe, Heroes Program Manager from Harlem

“I am emailing you all to request help for the basketball club we run at Harlem Renaissance High School. The school does not have its own gym space and therefore has no sports teams. We decided to start a basketball club in order to serve the need of the students and we have nearly 30 students signed up! These kids really want to play, but the problem is that we can find no gym space anywhere in Harlem. Peter Tinguely from the Harlem CH team has reached out to nearly 10 schools, 4 churches, 3 community centers and the Harlem Children’s Zone, and no one can offer us space to play once a week. We are running out of options and the team is slowly losing hope that this club will ever get off the ground.
Please let me know if you have any ideas for us in terms of seeking out gym space. It doesn’t have to be close to the school because these students would be willing to travel in order to have the chance to play together. I would appreciate any suggestions you have for outreach we can do! Thanks!”

If you can help please email Danielle at dwolfe(at) or call 212-452-8881