A snap-shot of summer training

Check out this post from guest blogger, Service Leader, Emily Heerema . . .

City Year New York’s Senior Corps has been training, teambuilding, and settling into their leadership roles while eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new corps in September. This year’s Senior Corps is unique, 70% are returning alumni, and two hail from other City Year sites. Also new this year, the Civic Engagement team is made up entirely of City Year alumni. Field Academy (last week in Boston) was, so far, the highlight of training. The conference was held at Northeastern University over 5 days. At Academy staff and Senior Corps from all over the network learned about our goals for the year, networked with other sites, and participated in workshops designed for each program. With so many alumni, it was interesting to see what kinds of information would be delivered that previous Corps Members haven’t heard before.

Here is what some of my fellow senior corps members have said about our training so far:

Talia Bender, who is returning for a second year at PS 154 in the Bronx as a Team Leader, said, “It’s different from Corps Member training because it goes deeper into the ‘why’ of things at City Year. The other parts have been leadership trainings and scenarios, which are extremely important when a difficult situation comes up on your team.”

Dan Foley, who is returning for a second year as the Team Leader at MS 302 in the Bronx, said, “The Program and Service staff has done a really good job good job honing in on trouble spots that people get in while in Senior Corps Member position, and really try to bring them out during training. They’ve addressed the big, hot button issues that we will all be facing, like time management, leadership, support, and communication.”

Carlos Mendoza, who is serving his second year as a Team Leader in Long Island City, said, “Training has been both informative and entertaining. I now understand better what my role requires. I’ve gotten to know the staff and rest of the Senior Corps better, and I’m excited to begin preparing to serve in I.S. 126.”

“I’ve fallen in love with City Year all over again,” Talia said.

We couldn’t leave you without a photo. Here is a group shot of the NY Program staff and senior corps at Northeastern . . .