A Day of Reflection, Remembrance, and Service

A letter from Itai Dinour, Executive Director, to the staff and corps.


This morning, the NYTimes ran a moving editorial about 9.11 becoming a national day of service under the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act.

As many of you know, 9.11 has a special place in the founding of City Year New York. On that tragic day, even before there was a site in our city, red jackets happened to be serving with Timberland in the South Bronx. Despite the news of the morning, Timberland and City Year made a commitment to not only finish that day’s projects, but to serve on future 9.11 days as a way of remembering the good in our society. In addition, it was the overwhelming civic spirit and pride that mobilized City Year alumni to lobby the national organization to open a site in New York as a living tribute.

Eight years later, we have kept our commitment and tomorrow will be no exception. Below is a brief overview of some of the many things that our community is blessed to partake in:

– the entire corps, under your leadership, will be mobilized to serve in their communities. From landscaping to helping a local CBO to set-up a new office, these physical service projects will support our local partners.

– at Ground Zero, Dan Lee, Matt Hartung, and Kristina Marrett will join families of 9.11 victims in the sacred act of reading the names of those our city lost during the official 9.11 Memorial.

– with the generous sponsorship of Fidelity, PS 83 will welcome corps members, Fidelity employees, partners in the service movement, and friends for an afternoon of service under the leadership of our NYCE teams, Joshua and Maris.

– more than 50 corps and staff members will finish their day by attending the September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance Commemoration at the Beacon Theater – an event sponsored by City Year friends, MyGoodDeed and ServiceNation. Our very own Nicole Tsang will represent all of City Year and AmeriCorps as she introduces Secretary of State Clinton, who served as the Honorary Co-Chair of our Founding Committee in New York. The event will feature other champions of service and notables including Governor Patterson, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, Jimmy Fallon, and the Roots.

Wherever your day takes you tomorrow, I encourage you to pause and reflect on what this day means for you and your service journey.

I am humbled to work beside all of you.


Photos from all of the days events to come . . .