City Year featured on Cover of USA Today

Today’s front page of USA Today features a cover story on the Diplomas Now school turnaround collaborative uniting City Year, with Johns Hopkins Talent Development and Communities In Schools. This story is a part of USA Today’s ongoing series called “Seeking Solutions” highlighting efforts to solve long-standing societal problems.

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We are excited that USA Today recognized the Diplomas Now partnership as an innovative model to address the high school dropout crisis and ensure all students graduate prepared for success.

City Year New York has been working with public middle and elementary schools for the last 7 years tackling the dropout problem here, too. We have a great story to share, much like in Philadelphia, our volunteers are making a difference in the lives of students in NYC helping improve their attendance, behavior, and course performance everyday – proactively keeping students from dropping out of high school.

One of our volunteers, Carlos Mendoza recently had this to say about his experience, “Over the past two years, I truly do believe that my teammates and I have made a difference in the lives of the students that we work with. This year, at IS 126, attendance rates have gone up by almost 3% and the number of students who are chronically absent has decreased by more than 50%. Lateness has also decreased by a significant amount due to the daily calls that my teammates make to the homes of those students who are late. The beautiful thing about Long Island City and the school that I serve at is that a large percentage of the population, like myself, are immigrants and English is not their first language. When I look into the eyes of the students that I work with, I see myself. IS 126 reminds me of the middle schools that I went to – in an urban environment, serving a low income community, and low performing. IS 126 needs all the help it can. All the schools that we serve in need motivated individuals to change the learning environment and culture of the school. That is exactly what City Year does.”

Our work in Long Island City was recently highlighted here.