City Year Academy 2010 by Numbers

by Alice Pak, Events and Alumni Project Leader

As Academy 2010 wraps up today and members of the City Year family leave for their respective sites, City Year New York reflects on the past week via numbers.  After all, many of us are tutoring math this year; might as well start warming up that side of the brain!

    The number of buses that transported City Year New York from the Big Apple to Beantown.

750      The number of people – give or take a few – who attended Academy, including Senior Corps Members, Staff, and Executive Directors.

7      The number of days in this year’s Academy.  The first four days were Field Academy (with more general training like team building, time management, managers versus leaders, as well as specific tracks for Recruitment, Operations, and Development staff members), and the last three were the Wal Mart Literacy Academy, where school-based Senior Corps Members and Staff were trained specifically on creating a more comprehensive Whole School, Whole Child Program.

1.2 million     The number of dollars generously given by the Wal Mart Foundation to City Year to expand training on adolescent literacy and math proficiency, some of which took place during the second half of Academy (see above statistic).   

600,000+     The number of Americans that have participated in Americorps since 1994.  (City Year is under the Americorps umbrella!)

8      The number of times by which a high school dropout is more likely to go to jail than a high school graduate.

22     The number of delicious meals provided by our gracious host, Northeastern University!

5      The number of “Best of City Year 2010” awards presented, given for “exceeding operational goals, achieving excellence, and setting the bar for greatness,” among other factors.  Congrats also to City Year New Hampshire, City Year Boston, City Year Los Angeles, and City Year DC!

Executive Directors of winning sites hold up their awards with Sean Holleran, Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President.

3    The number of honorary red jackets given to City Year Champions during Academy, one to DC Public Schools Chancellor (and Academy speaker) Michelle Rhee.