Pepsi Refresh Update

Today Pepsi announced that the Minnesota Twins and the Courage Center are the winners of the MLB Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Now with the help of Pepsi, the Courage Center’s Rolling Twins youth softball wheelchair team will have a new field to play on. Pepsi will also be giving 5k to the 14 other non-profits including CYNY who participated in the challenge.

For the past month we have been working together with the New York Mets to promote this project. We have been invited to multiple games, attended batting practice and been on-field during the first pitch. The Mets have been a great partner and we are very thankful for being given this opportunity.

Voting day in and day out can become very tiresome but we got a great response from all our supporters. You voted, you blogged, you tweeted and retweeted. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to support this effort.