Staff Spotlight: Anthony Shaw

He’s been at City Year New York since the summer of 2007 and now his office is right next door the Communications office, where he’s known as Tony Shaw, the Deputy Executive Director of Program, manager of people, wearer of bow ties.

The Communications team scheduled an interview and tried to stump Tony with some challenging questions (like the first one, where we asked him to give his path to City Year in under ten words), but as with most things, he was calm, cool, collected, and funny.

Communications (C): What was your path to City Year, in ten words or less?”

Tony (T): “[Gives us an are-you-serious look] [Insert five minute awkward pause] Teach for America, Boys Club of New York.”

C:  “How would you describe your job here in three words? ”

T: “Enforce policies, advocate for the department, support. …Those were three ideas.”

C: “If you weren’t in the public service sector, what would you be doing?”

T: “Teaching counts as public service, right? Because I’d teach.  If I couldn’t do that either, I’d probably be in law school.”

C: “Where does your bow tie inspiration come from?”

T: “I found after a while that the patterns on traditional ties are a bit boring and overdone, but the colors on bow ties are more charismatic.”

C: “Please do explain the charisma of bow ties.”

T: “They speak to me.  Rarely do I see a bow tie that makes me say, ‘I don’t want that.'”

C: “Favorite food spot?”

T: “Stanton Social. They’re on the Lower East Side & they serve tapas. They’re my favorite lately.”

C: “Here come the rapid fire questions. Button up or polo?”

T: “Polo.”

C: “Boots or shoes?”

T: “[Laughs] Definitely boots. No contest.”

C: “Bus or Subway?”

T: “Subway.”

C: “New York or Philly?”

T: “Philly.”

We’re shocked by that last one, Tony, and quite frankly a little hurt.  We won’t take it personally though.  Thanks for the interview!

Our next Staff Spotlight will be…

…Jen Harwood, Zone Director for the South Bronx!  Stay tuned.

By Alice Pak, Events & Alumni Project Leader.

Photo by Dan Lee, Program Manager.