Education Nation: Day 2

Today’s Guest Blogger is Itai Dinour, Executive Director, City Year New York who is representing us at Education Nation, an interactive summit on education hosted by NBC.

As Education Nation wraps up, I am inspired and appreciative that City Year, and I, had a chance to participate in this unique gathering.  There is clearly a lot of passion in this country about education and while we are not yet united about the road ahead, the focus on this critical issue gives me hope.

Some further observations from day two:

  • Teacher Effectiveness is Key. The research proves it; there is national consensus about it. But to allow teachers to be effective, they need help from parents, community members, and local/national partners.  We know that our corps members play a critical role in this effort: making school a welcoming environment, providing 1:1 and small group tutoring, helping students make sure their homework gets done — and we are proud teachers find our work effective:
    • 92% of Teachers Agreed or Strongly Agreed that corps members help foster a positive environment for learning.
    • 86% of Teachers Agreed or Strongly Agreed that corps members help to improve student motivation to learn.
  • We Have Great Leadership: City Year champions, Mayors Nutter and Fenty shared, we need a new sense of urgency and courage to take on these issues.  I am encouraged that the current generation of high school and college graduates feel this sense of urgency and this call to service is evident in the tens of thousands of people applying to national service programs such as City Year.
  • Recruitment: To help address the urgent achievement gap, our country needs to recruit more males, especially males of color, to join the education movement. This is where City Year New York needs help.  Do you know a passionate, dedicated, 17 to 24 year old male of color? Please encourage them to APPLY TO CITY YEAR. Our first deadline is November 1st.
  • Data Drives Results: Every successful school, district or charter, cited the use of data as an enabler to provide targeted interventions to the students who need it most.  Thanks to a partnership with Mayor’s office and the NYCDOE, our corps members are now able to use this data to direct our attention to the right students who need it most.

Let me close by thanking NBC  and its partners for organizing this amazing two day national conversation and for including City Year. I appreciate that NBC is bringing this issue to the national stage through its various media assets and are excited to continue the conversation on

I am humbled to work with a tremendous community that shares in my passion for giving students the tools, resources, and support they need to graduate from high school.  I am even more excited for the road ahead – for City Year and for this country.

-Itai Dinour

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