Service Spotlight: Ylia Wilson ’11

Every City Year site celebrates our work in schools by sharing Starfish Stories, stories about ways we know we’ve made a difference to a student. (If you want more details on the background of this CY tradition, you can read the original Starfish Story on our Founding Stories page.)

Social Media Field Reporter and Corps Member Kafui Akakpo collected one from his teammate at PS/IS 50, Ylia Wilson:


Ylia waits for students to get free piano lessons from her during recess.

“In after school one day I sat down to play piano, just to kill time. The third graders were mesmerized. Afterwards, one boy [named] Jah-Mar approached me and asked me if I could teach him how to play a song. I told him to get permission from the teacher. He bugged me for a few days for a while, and then he finally got permission. I pulled him out of recess (he gave up his recess time!) for the first lesson, and ever since then, I’ve been teaching kids piano every day during recess!”