Service Spotlight: Perfect Attendance Party at PS 149

Midnight tonight marks our Winter Application Deadline for those interested in joining City Year, and the great folks behind our national blog recently unveiled the Number One BIG Reason for Applying to City Year which you can read about here (hint: it has to do with kids and school).

In the spirit of showcasing our work in schools, we thought it appropriate to share an example of the kind of creative service City Year teams implement in their schools to create a more positive climate.

Today’s Service Spotlight features an event put on by the PS 149 Team in East New York. Sarah Shutt, a corps member and Positive School Climate Coordinator for the team, writes:

The City Year Perfect Attendance Party was a Positive School Climate event designed to address and reward good attendance. This event rewarded students from PS 149 for being present and on time everyday during the week of January 3-14, 2011. The event consisted of an ice cream social party for 5-6 randomly drawn students from grades K-5. During two lunch periods (K-2, 3-5), students were recognized for their perfect attendance with special ‘I Attended City Year’s Perfect Attendance Party’ stickers, raffle prizes, individual certificates, and party favors.


The Perfect Attendance Party Banner

Students getting their sundaes.

Students love their ice cream reward!

Sarah reports that the students enjoyed this first-time event, and next time would like to find a space to make sure all the students with perfect attendance get rewarded.

It sounds like a great start to us. Great job, PS 149!