Wordless Wednesday: From the Phones of Team Leaders

We interrupt this week’s Wordless Wednesday with a few words to explain:

TLs were given an assignment this morning –  to show us what kind of City Year action they see via the cameras built into their phones. The following are the results. Thanks you TLs for your participation!


From TL Rachel

PS/IS 50 Corps Members help students "ice skate" to school as a part of Morning Greeting.

From TL Charlotte

PS 206/112 CM Emma helping a 3rd grader reach Great Leaps in his reading.

From TL Mat

CMs on the PS 112 Citizens Team use their prep period to write lesson plans.

From TL Conor

CM Natashea of PS 149 creating Look and Feel for a Bringing Books to Life lesson.

From TL Liz

At MS 424, some quality one-on-one learning happening.

From TL Natalia

Students at PS 213 showcase what peace means to them on a Peace Mural project.

From TL Rachel

Students at PS/IS 50 paint a mural as part of a service project.