Seeking Insight at CYNY

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A couple weeks ago for Day 2 of Advanced Training Academy, we were thrilled to have Andrew Bernstein – creator of ActivInsight and writer of The Myth of Stress facilitate a workshop on managing obstacles and burnout for us.

“Stress,” “obstacles,” and “burnout” are all terms that are common in any workplace, and not surprisingly are used and heard in the middle of a City Year.  With Andrew’s help, corps members, senior corps and staff were able to walk away with a practical way to look at the factors of these things and shift our thinking using the 7-step process he developed called ActivInsight.

And it seems as though many at CYNY found the workshop to be helpful with feedback given to him like, “This is a really great strategy and I plan on using it.”

To find out what Andrew thought about his time with us, read his blog post here.

Thanks again to Andrew for sharing his insight with us!