Advisory Board Spotlight: Stephanie Mudick

This past year on our blog we have made an effort to make sure we cover ALL things City Year New York, from our service to the corps experience to where our Alumni are now, including behind-the-scenes information on staff and where Recruitment will be next.  We feel part of getting to know CYNY better is to know our Advisory Board better, so we’re kicking off a new spotlight series on the blog – the Advisory Board Spotlight.  And who better to interview first than the Chair of our Board herself, Stephanie Mudick.

CYNY Board Chair Stephanie Mudick in THE Black PolarFleece Vest (see interview below) at a CY Service Day with her daughters.

Stephanie has been involved with City Year New York since 2004, our founding year. When she’s not acting as a spokesperson on CYNY’s behalf, you’ll find her at JP Morgan Chase where she is the Executive Vice President and Head of the Office of Consumer Practices. Stephanie was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us, and the following is what we found out:

Communications (C): Thanks so much for talking to us, Stephanie! Can you tell us how you first found out about City Year?

SM: I was introduced to City Year when it was in its very, very earliest stages by a friend and colleague who was an early sponsor.

C: And as Chair of the CYNY Board, what are your responsibilities?

SM: Well my main role is to make sure that the Board is an effective group, has a high impact on the organization, and helps CYNY be the best that it can be.

C: Now for your day job, what does your role with JP Morgan Chase entail?

SM: I make sure that our consumer-facing businesses are applying a customer lens to all aspects of our business from products and product value and pricing and customer feedback and sales practices and marketing – anything that touches the customer directly and indirectly. After being a practicing lawyer for 10 years, I found myself in services business and then got involved in the consumer business which were extremely interesting and challenging to me.

C: Glad you like a challenge, because our next question is tough. What is your favorite CY uniform part?

SM: The Red Jacket of course! And second favorite is my black PolarTech fleece with the City Year logo on it.

C: Those are hard to come by.

SM: I felt honored receiving both.

C: Having been a friend and fan of CYNY for so long, you’ve been to your fair share of Annual Dinners (our annual benefit gala). What’s a favorite memory from them?

SM: You know they all make me cry.  But last year I brought my then ten-year-old children. They loved the Dinner.

C: Anything you love doing in NYC with your daughters in this cold weather?

SM: Ice skating; we like to skate at Central Park. My daughters are much better than I am…which isn’t saying much.


Thanks to Stephanie for the interview, and we look forward to interviewing other members of the Advisory Board in the coming months!