Five Things Friday: Why do you love City Year?

"Students + CY"

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, City Year New York has had love on the brain.  Some very creative teams delivered candy grams and singing telegrams as part of their corps fundraising efforts, and so pink heart lollipops and rousing live renditions of the best pop ballads are being randomly seen and heard throughout the office today. We thought we’d jump on this bandwagon, so we asked CYNY to find out what their partners love about City Year. We picked the best FIVE for this week’s Five Things Friday:

"CY + Students 2"

  1. “I love that City Year makes our kids feel good about themselves.” – Rebecca Barnes, Assistant Principal and City Year liaison, PS 48, South Bronx
  2. “I love CY because they are helpful, knowledgeable and great mentors for children.” – Anita Lauro, Elementary School teacher
  3. “At NYU, we are thrilled to have a strong partnership with City Year. We strive to encourage our students to pursue meaningful work, and to go on and contribute to society. City Year helps us fulfill our mission by constantly supporting our students and inspiring them to make a difference in their city.  City Year actively engages our students, and helps us provide them with the tools they need to make visible change in our society.” – Diana Gruverman, Director of Employer Services, NYU
  4. “I love City Year because you take off some of the stress from us, and I love that there is a program in this school that has young adults working with kids all day.” – Jason Garcia, PAL Director, PS 48, South Bronx
  5. “I love CY because they help me with my homework and I miss them on Fridays. They are nice to me and I love them!” –Hatie, 2nd grade student

"CY + Students 3"

We would love to hear what YOU love about City Year! Please comment below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!