We Can All Do Little Things In A Great Way

Today we hosted a Breakfast Discussion on the Roles of Women in Service and Education in New York City, hosted by Credit Suisse and attended by more than 200 guests.

Featured speaker Caroline Kennedy shared her passion and dedication to helping students in New York City; she also asked those in the room to join her by investing their time, knowledge and resources to bettering education. Caroline also spoke about her experience visiting a City Year afterschool program in the South Bronx years ago. Click below to hear about that visit.

Next was our a panel discussion moderated by Tina Brown, Editor in Chief of The Newsweek Daily Beast Company. Our panelists included: Adrianne Edmunds, City Year New York corps member; Anne Marie Fell, Director of Grant Making and Communications for the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation; and Diahann Billings-Burford, Chief Service Officer for the City of New York. Tina asked questions that inspired our panelists to share their experiences about giving back and being in careers that promote social change.

The goal of today’s event is to inspire the women in New York  to get involved with service and education. Caroline Kennedy shared with us the Dorothy Day quote, “We can’t all do great things, but we can all do little things in a great way,” and we would like to share with everyone a few examples of little things that we can all do to support the schools and students we work with everyday.

We would like to thank everyone who attended today’s event and for their continued support of City Year.

Thank you Caroline Kennedy for all that you have done to promote service and support City Year New York.

Thank you Tina Brown for leading an inspiring discussion on the roles of women in service and education.

Thank you to our panelists for sharing your insight and experiences.

Thank you Credit Suisse for providing us a great space.

And a special thank you to our Woman’s Breakfast Planning Committee:
Cathy Cramer
Catherine Curley
Anne Marie Fell
Emily Griset
Anne Herrman
Regina Hitchery
Jill Iscol
Cynthia King Vance
Diana Koshel
Jennifer Lindenauer
Stacey Maites
Sharon Meadows
Stephanie Mudick
Jamie Renwick
Katherine Soll