Life Without City Year

Last month City Year New York held our Inaugural Women’s Leadership Breakfast. One of the topics of conversation during the panel included a call to action by Susan Stern, Commission Chair of New Yorkers Volunteer, who asked the audience to reach out to their member of Congress to and ask them to support the restoration of funding to AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

We saw a ripple from that event today on the Fast Company Blog. Alice Korngold, who attended our Women’s Leadership Event, wrote about the impact she believes City Year is having, and the consequences of the proposed budget cuts to AmeriCorps and Corporation for National and Community Service.

Please read her post: The Devil’s in the Details With Federal Budget Cuts: Life Without City Year Would be a Real Devil.

Thank you to Alice for helping us share our story and for your continued support of the service our corps members are doing every day.