CYNY Advisory Board Update

We are pleased to announce that Harold Friedman, CEO and owner of National Elevator Cab and Door Corporation, will be joining the City Year New York Advisory Board. Founded in 1929, National Elevator Cab and Door Corp. is the nation’s largest and oldest independently owned elevator cab and door company. Since he became the CEO and owner in 1975, he has led the company from being the smallest in the New York market to one of the largest and best-regarded company, representing 70% of the market share of elevator entrances in New York City.

Equally impressive as Harold’s work with National Elevator Cab and Door Corp. is his dedication to the communities of Long Island City, Queens. He has had a unique relationship with the residents and community members of the NYCHA Housing Development, Ravenswood. First introduced to Ravenswood as a high school student working for his father’s carpet company, installing the rugs and floors, he later sponsored an I Have a Dream class from that same housing project. Through the “I Have a Dream” initiative, he adopted 80 “Dreamers” living in Ravenswood, following their academic achievements from third grade to high school graduation. He spent 10 years supporting these students, during and after school, helping them to achieve high school graduation.  Sixty of his eighty Dreamers went on to college, work readiness programs or the military after graduating high school.

Harold completed the Harvard Business School Owners’ Program for Entrepreneurs and holds a bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University. He has served on the Board of Directors of the I Have a Dream Foundation and has volunteered his time with the Baruch College Executives on Campus Program, where he mentored students in the Graduate Business School, and is actively involved with Principal For a Day in several LIC schools.

Please join us in welcoming Harold to join the City Year New York community!