Five Things Friday

1) School Visits: Earlier this week we were pleased to host Larry Kanter from the New York Radio Program, 1010 Wins. Larry joined the team at MS 424 for a discussion on their service, specifically the role they play helping students improve their attendance. We would like to thank Larry for joining us and we look forward to working with him again in the future. 2) In The Community: This afternoon the corps is volunteering with 13 non-profits and CBOs, to support some of the critical services that they provide. Whether it’s preparing meals for Meals on Wheels, meeting with kids at the Ronald McDonald House or organizing donations at Materials For The Arts, all 254 of our corps members are giving back in a big way. 3) On the Court: Communications Director at City Year New York, Elizabeth Oberlin, refers to March as “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Not because of daylight savings time – don’t forget to set your clocks forward this weekend! Not Because of the first day of spring… but she does love spring. It is the most wonderful time of the year because of March Madness and the NCAA Basketball Tournament. She will spend the nights of March studying the art of bracketology and cheering on her favorite team the North Carolina Tar Heels. As for our corps, they are also embracing March Madness, with several basketball themed events:

  • City Year vs Staff Showdown: Last night at MS 424 in the South Bronx, the City Year team with the help of a few students challenged the school staff to a basketball game. Leading up to the game Principal and starting Point Guard, John Hughes used his morning announcement to share his predictions of a blowout victory for the staff. Last night in front of a sellout crowd of more than 90 Student and community members the MS 424 staff beat the City Year team in true March Madness fashion, with a one point victory on a last second shot. Check out the MS 424 News to see some of the friendly trash talk that transpired between some of the players of this highly competitive game.
  • Cross Town Rivalry: Two of our teams serving in Long Island City Queens, MS 126 and IS 204, will bring their students together for a friendly game of basketball on March 24th. If students would like to participate they will need to have improved attendance this month and attend tryouts. When are tryouts you ask? That’s right, before school starts! So the students in LIC will need to show up early and often in March to join in on this exciting event!
  • Find the Need in Your Community: This was a theme of a Starfish Corps lesson earlier this year for the students in our after school program at the Jacob Riis. These students hit the streets and surveyed their peers and community members to find out what is missing in their community. The results are in and they found that there is a lack of athletic events held at the Jacob Riis. With this information our students will spend time in the coming weeks during afterschool time planning a basketball tournament for their community to participate in.

4) Nightly News: Earlier this week New York native, leader in Education Reform, and CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone, Geoffrey Canada, spoke with Brian Williams on an Education Nation segment, on NBC’s Nightly News. He shared his thoughts on the current challenges facing school systems, teacher recruitment and the impact of budget cuts facing the communities we serve in. Please watch this video and visit the Education Nation website for other great updates. 5) Happy Birthday David Caplan: Today is the 86th birthday of David Caplan, Vice Chair of our Advisory Board and Dean City Year New York. David is one of the hardest working individual at CYNY and we are very lucky to have him as a friend, mentor and advocate for City Year. Happy Birthday David!