2011 Ripples of Hope Dinner

Tom Mistler and Joel Klein at the Ripples of Hope Dinner

Last night, we hosted our Eighth Annual Ripples of Hope Dinner at Pier 60, Chelsea Piers. We honored two champions who have been instrumental to the growth of City Year New York; Bain & Company (represented by Steve Ellis, Worldwide Managing Director) and former New York City Schools Chancellor, Joel Klein.

The City Year New York corps members took a break from their daily work supporting New York City public schools, as tutors mentors and role models to inspire more than 500 of New York’s corporate, civic and philanthropic leaders. Through their personal stories, some high-energy greetings, and even a round of City Year’s signature Physical Training, the audience experienced the impact that a red jacket has on a student and their learning environment.

“When I told him how much he had improved, he paused, thought about it for a bit, and gave me a smile—one that I never saw him give before. It was a smile that showed a satisfaction at having accomplished something significant, a smile that assured me that, because of my service, a second grade boy now had the drive to learn how to read at grade-level. That was then. Today, Jaden is now able to read more than thirty words a minute, and I am confident that these academic achievements will follow him into the third grade.” -Tom Mistler, corps member, PS 111 in Long Island City, Queens

Joel Klein, as Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education created a catalytic partnership between City Year New York and the DOE that served as a cornerstone of our growth plan. This investment now serves as a national model for how school districts across the country are able to leverage the unique assets City Year corps members bring to under-resourced public schools. 

“Nobody in this room believes more in national service than I do. I don’t get the idea that you get to live in this – for all its imperfection – it’s the greatest country in the world, and we don’t insist that part of what it means to be an American is that you give back in your community in some form, in some way to make sure that we have a shared view of what it means to join and belong to this club. There will be a day, I hope and believe, when national service becomes national priority.” -Joel Klein

Joel Klein receives the Cathedral Builder Award

A founding thought partner of City Year since 1988, Bain & Company was instrumental in the creation of City Year New York and our continued growth. Bain consultants have volunteered their time, not only in the playgrounds and classrooms of New York City at their annual service day, but also by helping formulating our five year strategic growth plan—helping us grow from 50 corps members in 2003 to 254 corps members today serving in 20 under-resourced elementary and middle schools.

“I want to make sure that I offer my sincerest thanks on behalf of my entire firm to the entire [City Year] staff, the corps members, the teachers, the administrators who are in this room because of what you do, each and every day in the New York public schools.  You are an absolute inspiration to us all. You live the axiom that you can change the world one life at a time.” -Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis receives his City Year red jacket

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported City Year New York last night. Events like these allow us to put more corps member in to schools and have an ever greater impact on the students and communities we serve.

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Photos By David Andrako