MS 302’s Student Art Show A Success!

Last week, the City Year team at MS 302 in the South Bronx helped to host the school’s first art show.  The art work of over 300 students were featured, and the show brought in over 200 guests.  The City Year team invited the parents of the student artists for special appetizers and refreshments.

“Of [all the] guests invited, over 100 signed the guest book,” says MS 302  corps member Courtney Cotherman.  “It was the first art show at MS 302, and [it was] a huge success!”

Congratulations to the team for successfully executing yet another Positive School Climate event!

Below, check out pictures by the team’s own Sam Chu.

CM Courtney (featured in our signature red) along with the art teachers at MS 302, from left to right: Mr. Vasquez, Mr. Vasquez, and Ms. Pizarro.

MS 302's School Aid Mr. Dennis stops by to look at some of the student art.

MS 302's James Offut offers appetizers to the guests.

The City Year team at MS 302 gathers to celebrate with a group photo after the event.