Five Things Friday

1) Welcome to the Team: We are excited to announce that we have filled all of the vacant staff positions at CYNY. We would like to welcome; April Frazier, Middle School After School Product Manager, Dee Falvo, Managing Director of Development, Moriah Washington, Program Manager in East Harlem, Renaldo Mili, Program Manager in the South Bronx, and Rachel Mosbacher, Program Manager in East Harlem, to the City Year New York Staff.

This week, we also welcomed the first corps members of our 2011-2012 corps. The Team Leaders, Project Leaders, and Civic Engagement Team kicked off their term of service, holding their first team meetings, visiting the neighborhoods they will serve and starting to prepare for the year ahead.

2) What are we Reading – Switch: Last week the City Year New York staff had our first retreat of the summer. To prepare for this retreat we all read the book Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath. This book looks at why it is hard to make a lasting change in our companies, communities, and our own lives. It was a great read that gives real life examples and a framework to apply these “switches” to your own life. During our retreat we applied the concepts from this book to the everyday challenges that we will face in FY 12.

3) Help us help you find a fellowship: Today ProFellow announced a campaign to add 1,000 new fellowships to their website in the next 183 days. City Year and one of our new staff members, Renaldo Mili, is featured in their promotional video – Check it out

4) Shipping up to Boston: Next week the City Year New York staff and Senior Corps will be out of the office up at City Year Summer Academy. Summer Academy is a time for our leadership from around the network to come together for a period of intensive and productive learning, networking, and fun. To stay connected with City Year and our Summer Academy experience follow #cyacad

5) Giving in to peer pressure: Since our Graduation we have received several requests from many of the friends, family, and partners in attendance for a copy of the graduation slideshow… so we want to share this with everyone. Enjoy!

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Slideshow by #Alice_Pak