Five Things Friday

1) Summer Academy Update: We are at the halfway point of our amazing City Year Summer Academy and we would like to share with you pics of some of the cool things that the staff and senior corps have been a part of thus far. Stay updated on all things Summer Academy by following #cyacad, as we round out the final three days!

LEAD Academy graduates posing for the camera. Great job Laura, Jen, and Annie!

The Office of Site Leadership sharing our Highest Priority Goals in FY12

Is there a doctor in the house? Charlie Rose seeing his honorary doctorate degree for the first time

East Harlem Program Manager, Jen Mahoney, using her phenomenal voice to represent CYNY at the Academy Talent Show

Two proud City Year New York Alumni leading the network in PT

Photos: Elliot Haney | 2011

2) A Team Effort: On Wednesday at Summer Academy, City Year New York was recognized (along with our friends from Boston, Chicago, DC, Los Angeles, Miami and New Hampshire ) as a Best of City Year site. This distinction was based on our success in over 60 indicators, including: service impact, recruitment, retention, communications, alumni, financial health, revenue generation, and contributions to the City Year network.

This honor is not only a testament to the amazing efforts of our staff and corps, but  also an indication of how lucky we are to have a committed group of board members, associate board members, alumni board members and other champions providing us with the guidance, coaching, resources, and passion to make this work possible.

City Year New York is humbled and proud to be a recipient of the Best of City Year award for the second consecutive year and three out of last five. Thank you to everyone who has helped us earn this honor.

Congrats to City Year Boston, Chicago, DC, Los Angeles, Miami and New Hampshire who also won Best of City Year

3) Business and Charity: One of City Year’s largest champions, has found himself in the headlines of the Business and Sports sections of many newspapers. David Einhorn, founder of Greenlight Capital, is in negotiations to gain 33% and potentially a controlling interest in the New York Mets. Of the many headlines, the one that caught our eye was Meet David Einhorn: The cutthroat, charitable and possible New York Mets savior.

This article looks not only at the pending deal, the business sense, and successes of David Einhorn, but also his charitable side. David Einhorn, who finished 18th at the 2006 World Series of Poker, quickly donated all of his winnings to the Michael J Fox Foundation and whose Einhorn Family Charitable Trust, focuses their work on helping people get along better, building civility by supporting initiatives that make the world a kinder and more tolerant place, has supported City Year’s work helping students with behavior issues, both in New York and across the country.

Our Executive Director, Itai Dinour, was able to weigh in on our relationship with David Enihorn and the EFCT, referring to him as “one of the smartest people I’ve ever shared a room with,” and said that his giving “isn’t about the Einhorn family name, or building the Greenlight brand. It’s about leveraging their assets to take on very difficult challenges. It’s the furthest thing from checkbook philanthropy.”

Check on the full article here.

4) An Investment in Training: This week the Walmart Foundation announced that they will renew their National Leadership Level Sponsorship of City Year with a $3.2 million grant. Walmart is our most recent National Leadership Sponsor joining us in 2010, and has supported City Year’s training, especially in literacy, across the country. This grant is designed to increase adolescent literacy and math proficiency in urban middle schools over the next two years by expanding a comprehensive new national training program for City Year. The great aspect of this announcement is that the impact will be felt across the network immediately, as our Senior Corps and Staff members are in Boston being trained during our Summer Academy.

City Year logo displayed in Times Square as this announcement was made

Learn more here

5) UPCOMING EVENTS: We are looking forward to our next three service days, all with Barclays Capital employees, as we work together to transform spaces where students and children learn and grow.

Barclay's employees getting to work transforming the spaces where students and children learn and grow