Interning at CYNY

Today’s guest blogger is Adryn Maldonado, Summer Intern for the City Year New York Development Department.

CYNY 2011 Summer Interns Back Row L-R: Elma Borcilo, Victoria Wells, Olivia Donnini, Hannah Silver Front Row L-R: Elise Balaban, Jacky Choi, Liz Posner, Adryn Maldonado

Originally a Californian from San Jose, I relocated to New York to attend Syracuse University. Going into my junior year, it is customary to begin the search for a life changing internship in hopes of finding some direction, information, and inspiration for life after graduation.

I am one of eight interns assisting four City Year New York departments. Upon stepping off of the elevator into the City Year office, you are completely submerged within the culture. The red, black, and yellow of the City Year logo pop against the white backdrop of the office space. Bullpen offices with no doors or floor-to-ceiling walls allow everyone to interact with no boundary lines, enhancing communication within the City Year community. Spirit breaks further stimulate morale by creating unity among members before dispersing in various roles.

I was welcomed into the Development team with hopes of learning about the financial aspects of a non-profit. Functioning as the intern on the Civic Engagement Team, my biggest project was updating and completing the volunteer data tracker containing information from every volunteer. This information is used to solicit future donations from these individuals and keep them informed about what is happening at City Year. I was also given the opportunity to participate in six volunteer service days where I got to organize, plan, and participate in the different areas that make a day of service happen.  

Unpredictable learning experiences are just one aspect of being involved in the City Year culture. Most of your internship experience will be spent in front of a computer screen, but there are numerous opportunities to spend time out of the office and interacting with the staff. This internship gave me the opportunity to personalize my experience around what I wanted to learn.  

My favorite experience was during The Microsoft Imagine Cup Service Day in Central Park. I took on the role of finding service partners to accept donations of various service projects. This was also my first opportunity to wear the CY uniform and participate in leading Physical Training.

My internship this summer is one that I would do again. I have enjoyed being directly involved in the planning of CY events, attending Corp Member graduation, and creating relationships for future growth. This personal view into the life of a City Year Corp Member has added to my decision of applying to CY in the future. If you are a driven individual with a love for service in an office setting among a vibrant community of cultured individuals, City Year NewYork is the place for you.