Five Things Friday: Whats your favorite part of #CYBTA

Today’s Five Things Friday highlights a few of our favorite moments from our first three weeks of Basic Training Academy. Check these out and leave a comment or tweet us your favorite moment.

1. “My favorite moment was when the line to get into Scholastic on the corps first day, was wrapped around the block and seeing all the corps members excited!”
-Rachel Mosbacher, Program Manager, E. Harlem PS 50/83

2. “My favorite moment was the entire senior corps leading Barclays volunteers at the Point CDC through an inspirational and transformative day of community service. It was true service in action.
-Ross Joy, Team Leader, NYCE

3. “My favorite moment was seeing my team excited after receiving their personal favorite candy bar w/ a golden ticket attached that revealed their coordinator roles for the year.”
-Terrance Johnson, Team Leader, E. Harlem JHS 13

4. “My favorite moment was working with our Senior Corps to learn new ways to approach change through the processes highlighted in our Switch training.”
-Maris Goodstein, Chief of Staff

5. “My favorite BTA moment was getting assigned to my permanent team, that’s when it started to feel real; which was exciting!”
-Meg Malone, Corps Member, PS 50 East Harlem