Five Things Friday: First Day of School

On Thursday, 1.1 million students and 77,000 teachers had their first day in school. Our 9th City Year New York corps started one month earlier, allowing us to complete our training and have our corps members enter our 22 schools also starting on the first day. To celebrate the start of a new school year, we asked our corps members and staff to share their favorite past and present first day of school moments.

1. Best memory from my first day of kindergarten [is] my dalmation dog named Curby getting out of the front door and jumping in the first seat of the bus with me and my mom running out in her robe to get him off of the bus so it could leave. My house is on a busy four lane road and traffic was backed up for blocks. I was crying as I got on the bus, but after that I was laughing the whole way to school.

-Courtney Minaj, corps member, P S13 East New York, Brooklyn

2. My favorite first day of school memory was in the 4th grade when my mom brought cupcakes for my entire class.

-Terri Alford, Team Leader, PS 345 East New York, Brooklyn

 3. From kindergarden to 4th grade my mom took a picture of me waving outside my school. On my first day of 5th grade, for some reason I just refused to go. My mom showed me the pictures she’d taken over the years and convinced me to go by taking a picture with my 5th grade teacher. Turns out 5th grade was my favorite year of school!

-Alex Santos, corps member, JHS 13 East Harlem

4. The most exciting thing about the first day of school is the level of excitement that comes from teachers, staff, parents, administration and our corps members about the potential that this year has to positively impact our students.

-Daniel Lee, Program Manager, East New York, Brooklyn

5. I’m excited! You can already tell that these students have a lot of character so it’s going to be fun to interact with them throughout the year.

– Vincent Wong, corps member, MS 424 South Bronx